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No pants is the best pants


new video up babes!  WHY I’M A….FEMINIST *gasp!!* *shock!!!1* *horror!!!!*

i know, i know.  gender equality is a terrifying thing here on the interwebs.  here are just a few (err…60) of the reasons i’m a feminist.

are you?

I am going fifties secretary with my interview in the morning.

And sweetheart baker in the evening.

Which means slight costume change. But that’s life.

I am more than a fucking number. 

I am more than my gpa.


Trying to make plans with your friends..


Trying to make plans with your friends..

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HIMYM AU: Barney finds out that Robin works for S.H.I.E.L.D as Agent Hill (Part 1)

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This is a big week for me and I would appreciate it if you’d keep me in your thoughts tuesday/wednesday because I could be one step closer to hired, if not hired then. Thanks


I almost died laughing.

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Fell down the stairs at this pizza place today. When asked if I was okay I replied, “It’s okay. I go down all the time.” The waiter just looked sad for me. 


Remember when Disney was all like ‘fuck how races work and homogeneous casts and couples’?

Black and white couple produce fillipino-american child. White dude is the valet. White step mother, one white step sister, one black step sister. Just a jumble, and it ought to happen again.

Some facts from imdb:

First multi-racial cast performing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Whitney Houston was producing Rodger and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” and was to star in it until she decided that Brandy Norwood would make a better Cinderella. Brandy would not do it unless her idol Whitney took the Fairy Godmother role.

Brandy Norwood became the first African-American to play Cinderella. This version broke viewer-ship records when it debuted, and it holds the record for the bestselling video for a made for TV movie.

So fuck any noise where people say audiences don’t want to see a mixed race couple, or more people of color. This was a success from television. I still remember Brandy singing Impossible. 

That ought to happen again. Mixed race live action cast where the relationships don’t made genetic or racial sense.

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